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Large-scale and unstructured text data flows to companies through emails, social media platforms, surveys, feedback, etc. Using the right mix of text analytics consisting of text mining, text extraction, social media monitoring and semantic analysis helps businesses to listen to the hidden voice of customers.

Hitech Analytics delivers nuanced text analytics services to identify textual patterns, keywords and hidden meanings from heaps of unstructured data. By applying natural language processing and machine learning, our data specialists perform sentiment analysis and semantic analytics to identify customer pain points, improve user experience and help you take better decisions.

Text Analytics Service Offerings

We use AI and NLP for deep mining of text and top-notch actionable analysis. We classify text, tag speech, do syntactic parsing, detect patterns and outliers, and summarize results for valid insights.

Sentiment Analysis

We do intelligent deep mining of text with machine learning algorithms and NLP for multilingual, graded and aspect-based sentiment analysis and emotion detection.

Topic Modeling

We do normalization, stemming, stopword-removal and tokenization for topic modeling, and build dictionaries with NLP and AI, for predictive topic modeling with LDA.

Named Entity Recognition (NER)

We conduct dictionary-based, rule-based and machine learning based named entity recognition. And tag named entities to keywords using Markov models and NLP.

Term Frequency

We use TF-IDF to ascribe weightage to tokens so text vectorization for machine learning can be smooth and keyword extraction or information retrieval automated.

Key Benefits of Text Analytics Services

Spot Customer Trends

Analysis of customer data on digital and social media platforms leads to timely detection of upcoming trends and help to grab new market opportunities for a competitive edge.

Enhance Social Listening

Listen to what customers are saying or feeling about your products and services. Analyze sentiments from reviews, emails, surveys, etc. and extract data-driven insights of the voice of your customers.

Improve Sentiment Analysis

Identify positive, negative and neutral sentiments about brands, products or services from unstructured data sources to make timely improvements in customer connect and user experience.

Boost Customer Service

With valuable insights from text data and comments ad verbatim, you can establish personalized customer services, improve responsiveness, resolve issues faster and reduce customer churn.

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Hitech Analytics has a track record of serving clients in data operations and complex data analytics for over three decades. We believe in clear communication, collaboration, and compliance with all industry benchmarks.

We have ready infrastructure and teams of experts with long experience in handling data, NLP, AI and machine learning projects. Our text analytics services and BI experts are second to none, and we will add the speed, scale and flexibility you need to realize your idea or project in text analysis.

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