Integrate disparate shop floor data to drive actionable insights

Growing product personalization and connected devices, increased production complexities and lack of agility prevent most manufacturing organizations from gathering actionable and intelligent insights. Failure to make right decisions at the right time adversely impacts efficiencies, product quality and customer satisfaction.

Hitech Analytics helps to compile, standardize, normalize, cleanse and validate voluminous and unstructured manufacturing data, integrated from disparate sources – to make it analytics ready. By connecting IoT framework with other business systems like ERP, CRM, PLM etc., we provide integrated and contextual data.

We offer multiple visualization and actionable insights to the right user at the right time using interactive dashboards and smart alerts. Leverage the power of proactive decision making and real-time visibility across manufacturing operations through accurate forecasting and predictive analytics using our AI and ML powered algorithms.

Key benefits of adopting data analytics in manufacturing

Unlock the power of manufacturing analytics to overcome challenges spread across the manufacturing value chain to improve process efficiency and minimize wastage.

Boost Asset Performance

Improve uptime, machine performance and reduce maintenance cost by getting real-time visibility of assets across the shop floor.

Enhance OEE

Increase machine availability, improve processes, and reduce product defects in the production line to make your resources more effective.

Improve Product Quality

Reduce human, machine errors and material waste through timely alerts on quality issues. Identify best manufacturing practices using real-time insights.

Elevate Workforce Productivity

Induct accountability and improve workforce productivity through collaborative environment and transparent performance metrics.

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Why Hitech Analytics

As a globally recognized manufacturing data analytics company, Hitech Analytics helps manufacturers of any size to monitor and visualize data from any manufacturing asset.

Machines break! And this is exactly where our analytics can help. With functional and industry-specific depth, combined with local and global knowledge, new data processing technologies and analytical forecasting models, our data scientists build value across the manufacturing value chain. We develop closed-loop analytics strategy to suit your business needs, measure results, build positive momentum and generate value early on.

Rev up your manufacturing processes with a 360° perspective across people, machines, and products for a competitive edge.

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