Build a data-centric supply chain

Using legacy systems, rather than modern supply chain analytics services to gather and review critical supply chain data poses a high barrier to gaining deep insights into supply chain issues. This lack of visibility results in irregular stock-outs, overstocks or production line imbalance.

As supply chain analytics services company, Hitech Analytics ensures comprehensive and real-time analysis of procurement, inventory, warehouse, logistics and delivery. Infused with AI capabilities, our supply chain analytics solution turns your massive supply chain data into real insights.

Supply Chain Analytics Service Offerings

We use advanced statistical, analytical and quantitative tools and methods to extract value from complex data associated with procurement, inventory, processing and delivery. With user-friendly dashboards and reports, we help you take critical decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Demand Planning

Predict right demand and inventory for real-time visibility of ongoing orders, scheduled orders and accurate baseline forecast.

Procurement Analytics

Drive efficient production, optimize utilization of shop floor space, reduce inventory levels, and deliver better products with improved procurement analytics.

Shop floor Analytics

Analyze and track production processes, machines and workforce performance in real time. Send alerts to operators and managers to react quickly on issues.

Logistics & Route Optimization

With reliable route optimization, reduce mileage costs, avoid unplanned stops and adopt fuel-efficient routes with better on-time delivery.

Benefits of Supply Chain Analytics

Reduce Costs and Optimize Margins

Comprehensively access data from disparate sources and establish a single source of truth across the supply chain to drive better operational efficiency and improved margins..

Minimize Out-of-stocks and Overstocks

Track sales activities across aisles, vendors, improve shelf space utilization, and get real-time updates of on-shelf stock levels. Maintain just in time inventory levels.

Higher Risk Mitigation

Apprehend upcoming scenarios and it’s business implications. Minimize risks, spot patterns and trends across the entire supply chain at minimized costs and lesser impact.

Increase Forecast Accuracy

Use advanced analytics to predict future demand accurately in real-time and understand what customers need, when and where to avoid supply chain disruptions.

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Why Hitech Analytics

We bring suppliers, manufacturers and customers on the same page by digitally integrating all functions across your supply chain – supply planning with demand forecasts, procurement, inventory and warehousing optimization, production plan, warehousing and transportation logistics.

Our supply chain experts work with companies across a range of industries and markets to deliver a solution that is made tailor-made for maximum supply chain visibility. So, whether you are looking to optimize your working capital, minimize stock-outs, carry right inventory, better your route logistics, track and trace goods or grow revenue with a demand-driven supply chain, our digital supply chain analytics capabilities have got you covered.

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