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Image and video detection is rife with false positives, poor data management, and other issues. But advanced image and video analytics for field use and computer vision applications require high diligence, expertise, smart infrastructure and continuous monitoring. We provide that.

We build custom solutions for image detection, motion detection, video summarization, image semantic segmentation, and other processes. Our AI-enabled image and video analytic services will help you extract visual data from images and videos, unlock key business insights and run computer vision applications in field.

Image and Video Analytics Service Offerings

Hitech Analytics leverages the power of image and video analytics, AI and automation to identify threats or events, including objects detection, intruder detection, crowd detection, and vehicle plate recognition.

Image Recognition

Use AI, predictive models and neural network algorithms to classify images for visual search, facial recognition, pattern, object, logo, product, or text detection.

Motion Detection

Do frame referencing, pixel matching, background subtraction, foreground detection, and use AI to filter out false alerts and ghosts, classify and detect objects..

Video Summarization

Generate human annotated, or automated compact and unsupervised video summaries, with strategic fine key frame selection for fast video review and smart synopsis..

Image Semantic Segmentation

Use deep learning algorithms to segment and label every pixel in images. Identify specific regions of an image that can be used for analytical applications..

Benefits of Image and Video Analytics Services

Optimize Business Processes

Reduce manual workload with AI and ML algorithms remotely monitoring video feeds for 24/7 surveillance. Save costs and time through sophisticated algorithms and pixel-by-pixel analysis.

Maintain Quality

Monitor raw materials, production and final delivery to maintain acceptable quality standards and address issues in a timely manner to manage operational costs and reduce customer churn.

Boost Precision

Accurately recognize people in videos, objects or defects on the shop floor and placements in retail stores using AI-based algorithms. Leverage insights with real-time video data processing.

Enhance User Experiences

Analyzing the visual data about how your customers engage or use new products, features or functionalities to help you enhance clarity, pre-empt trends and expand your customer base.

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Why Hitech Analytics?

Hitech’s image and video analytics solutions help you convert visual data into insights into customer behavior, operations, content strategy and marketing. Equipped with advanced analytical tools and techniques, we collect data from multiple sources, conduct analysis, and use rule-based engines to segment and measure target metrics.

Our cost-effective solutions are aligned with time zone benefits and 24*7 team support. We adhere to all standard compliance regulations for every industry, including HIPAA, in our offerings. Our industry-leading expertise in implementing digital products incorporating data science, AI, analytics, recommendation engines and visualization have won client trust. And we’ve been there for 3 decades.

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Retrieve relevant insights on objects, actions and events in real-time from images and video data .

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