Real-time visualization with data lake services

We offer data lake solutions by collecting data from multiple sources across your organization, in both structured and unstructured forms. You are able to eliminate silos and develop a cohesive database of all your departments to enhance organizational efficiencies.

We set up agile and accurate enterprise data lakes to accept data from mobile apps, social media, IoT devices, and other business applications. From retaining customers to fixing bugs and from business monitoring to operational reporting, we develop cloud data lakes for enterprises to perform real-time analytics and machine learning.

Data Lake Service Offerings

Globally trusted as a data lake company, our data lake services are focused on cataloging and ingesting data quickly into the lakes. This helps organizations to access the newest data through intelligent search queries. For this, we follow a structured approach to focus on data quality and integrity.

Data Integration

Feed data efflux from the source in any format and size directly into the data lakes without worrying about size, relations, structure etc.

Data Cataloging

Collect data at fixed intervals into data lakes to enable indexing and crawling. For this, we ensure all data stored in lakes is cataloged.

Statistical Analytics & ML

Connect organizational data lakes with systems like Hadoop, Power BI, Tableau etc. to run power ML and powerful analytics.

Data Governance

Trace data sources, lineage, govern and manage data lakes to protect the authenticity of all your data assets and secure them for accuracy.

Benefits of Data Lakes as a Solution

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Combine the data from CRM and other marketing platforms for your firm on data lakes to offer tailored experiences to customers, such as promotions, rewards, etc.

Secure Data Access

Get access to all your data sets securely at one place that can be searched and queried from anywhere and from any device.

Increase Organizational Efficiencies

Saving all data at one place gives better insights through dashboards and visualization to enhance cost savings, increase quality, and do resource planning.

Cost Conscious Solution

Data lakes store information in various formats without any relational and structural constraints making them a cost-effective storage that can return quick query results.

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Why Hitech Analytics

Organizations are realizing the benefits of data lakes over data warehouses owing to relatively low investments, and indexed and secure database. We build data lakes with a strategic approach and deploy data lake engineering to bring the advantages of data warehouses to data lakes. This might include better pipelines to port data of specific subsets to warehouses, or building data lake houses on top of the lakes in clouds like AWS and others.

Data lake architecture stores data in raw form with zero oversight of content. To overcome this, we define mechanisms for cataloging to return queries with trust, semantic consistency and controls. Starting with data discovery through advanced analytics and machine learning, data lake consulting to data lake implementation, our data specialists assist you at every stage to build high-performance data lakes.

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