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Without the best customer analytics services, it is difficult to identify actionable elements of your customer sentiments from among all your surveys, feedbacks, emails, complaints, comments, reviews and social media chatter. But with proper rule-based and AI-based systems to mine, extract and analyze customer data, you can craft that data-driven journey, you want for your customers.

Hitech Analytics’s customer data analytics solutions will remove the blind spots in your strategy mix by delivering in-depth insights into who your customers are, and what they need.

Customer Analytics Service Offerings

Our customer analytics solutions will bring complete visibility to your customer usage patterns, with look-alike customer segments, ideal customer profiles and KPI-based reports.

360° Customer Profiling

Integrate customer data available from multiple sources to create ideal customer profiles. Get deeper insights through intuitive dashboards and reports.

Churn Analytics

Interpret large volumes of customer data using ML-based prediction models to detect difficult and unsatisfied customers. Analyze customer sentiment in real-time.

Survey Analytics

Deeply analyze survey data using statistical tools and models. Get accurate insights on customer expectations, behavior patterns, and latest market trends.

Lookalike Modeling

Identify, segment lookalike groups, and target customers based on shared attributes. Use advanced algorithms and behavioral datasets to power market penetration.

Benefits of Customer Analytics Services

Enhance Marketing Efficiency

Design targeted marketing and funnels optimized for the customer’s need. Identify and use the right channels for higher profitability and reach. Personalize marketing spends for efficiency.

Increase Customer Retention

Build high-value customers by offering them what they would accept immediately. Identify issues in sales and marketing funnels and take actions that stop your customers from leaving.

Boost Sales and Goodwill

Thoroughly understand your target customer segment’s purchase behavior, and key metrics like price, availability, time and others that influence a buy. See your sales and goodwill soar.

Increase Customer Acquisition

Set KPIs like cost, conversion, and breakdowns for various marketing campaigns. Track direct and indirect expenses for each customer and see customer satisfaction bring in more customers.

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With extensive analytical capabilities in data modeling, dashboarding, industry analysis and automation, we develop customized customer analytics solutions to improve acquisition and retention of customers. We build agile workflows, update customer profiles using scripts and custom tools to optimize marketing spends.

Our strong team of 150+ analytics and data science professionals have a successful track record of collaborating with global industry giants in verticals like communication, marketing, real estate, manufacturing, data management etc. across geographies for in-depth profitability analysis and customer segmentation. Clients have been trusting us for three decades, become a part of that journey. We deliver.

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