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Our ETL/ELT experts and data engineers will provide data migration consulting for data source identification, extraction from existing sources, modernizing legacy systems, database conversion, and will also provide large-scale data center migration services. Our regular data migration services use a case-specific and sophisticated data migration strategy to execute complex data migration projects in phases or in one go. And we ensure everything is in proper order with pre-migration backups and multiple post-migration quality checks used to preserve data integrity and migrate traditional data.

Data Migration Service Offerings

When providing data migration services, we follow a well-defined and standard database migration process with planning, audits, transfer and post-migration stages to ensure maximum data integrity while moving data.

Storage Migration

Inventory multiple servers, audit data and rapidly transfer files, file shares and security configuration from source servers to warehouses and data lakes.

Database Migration

Migrate relational databases, and data stores with database migration automation to the cloud or between composite cloud and on-premises with full data security.

Application Migration

Minimize application downtime during migration by keeping source database fully operational and add scalability, reliability, and performance to all applications.

Cloud Migration

Securely migrate your data and databases to the cloud and deploy automation across all cloud models with multiple delivery methods (IaaS, PaaS, and Saas).

Benefits of Data Migration Services

High Data integrity

Our data migration specialists ensure high data integrity and standards compliance, with fully documented data migration strategy, to eliminate chances of loss or alteration while moving data.

Reduced TAT and Costs

We ensure fast data migration at scale and reduce infrastructure costs, especially in complex data migration projects where you need to migrate traditional data for modernizing legacy systems.

Customized Data Migration

Build custom strategies for complete success of data migration goals. Our data migration plans include comprehensive assessment of data migration risks, impacts, and protocols with reporting.

No Service Disruptions

From start to finish, we ensure absolute data security, and continued operations of your running services. We handle deviations, and verify migration metrics, before the new setup goes live.

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Why Hitech Analytics

We have been running data management and data migration services for over three decades for our clients. We know data modernization, storage upgrades, vendor changes or data architecture overhauls, and data engineering projects require careful data migration. And it is a complex and serious affair with many steps. We do data source identification, extract data from existing sources, cleanse the data, validate and verify the data, and do top-notch data migration.

From risk and impact assessment to migration strategy, we use proven methods to make every data migration project a success. And all the while, we stay obsessive about test builds, data security, privacy, protocols and compliance. With us, you are in safe hands.

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