Leverage sales and marketing analytics solutions to uncover insights for above-market growth

Shifts in competitive landscapes, customer needs, behaviours and spending put immense pressure on sales and marketing teams to reap commendable return on investment. Taking a data-driven sales and marketing approach is the key to realize the full potential of today’s omni-channel opportunities.

Using a wide range of tools and analytical frameworks for sales and marketing analytics, we help companies analyze sales and marketing data. We measure where markets are headed, understand how consumers are interacting with the competitors, identify key drivers of marketing effectiveness and drive sales and profit margins.

Sales and Marketing Analytics Service Offerings

Hitech Analytics’ sales and marketing experts use a wide range of tools and analytical frameworks in a strategic direction to advance your sales and marketing capabilities. By pulling in relevant data sets, refining and integrating them, analyzing the data at speed, we turn it into practical business insights, to enable swift and meaningful action.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Identify, segment and score hot, warm and cold leads with predictive and prescriptive lead scoring. Set up a single source of truth for your sales and marketing teams and focus on leads with the maximum conversion potential.

Customer Segmentation

Understand the demographics, behavioral patterns, etc. of your customers and segment them accordingly. Build detailed customer profiles to improve customer experience, optimize marketing campaigns, and reduce churn.

Product-Market Analytics

Harness the power of big data and predictive analytics to analyze multiple channel spend and increase channel optimization. Improve the ROI of marketing campaigns with winning marketing mix analytics.

Price Optimization

Set an optimal pricing strategy across the product life cycle with a detailed analysis of how competitors and customers react to prices. Make data-driven pricing changes and build healthy revenue cycle.

Benefits of Sales and Marketing Analytics

Increase Sales Efficiency

Adopt a scientific, rule-based approach to valuating, prioritizing and segmenting leads and customers to shorten sales cycles and improve conversion rates. Eliminate data discrepancy and align marketing inputs with sales needs.

Get More Responsive

Integrated data from multiple sources helps adapt web content and marketing collateral to market needs. Automated email alerts and notifications guide decision making.

Know Your Audience

Understand your audience needs, expectations and actions in detail. Make the right choice from characteristic or behavioral segments to create highly relevant marketing strategies.

Segment Target Groups

Using AI and intelligent sales cycle analytics, develop a personal connect with your target audience based on the buyer persona, engagement level, and urgency to buy for successful outcomes.

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Why Hitech Analytics

As a sales and marketing analytics services company, we help our clients develop their capabilities, define how and where to sell their products or services.

All of these, driven by data! By pulling in relevant data sets from myriad sources, refining and integrating them, analyzing the data at speed, formulate reports, we turn inconsistent data into practical business insights for decisions that boost sales.

Let Hitech Analytics’ actionable insights enable data-driven decision making to help you engage better with customers and generate higher ROI from marketing campaigns.

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